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Featured Artists

Kelly Dunn

Woodcraft Artistry

Kelly is an award-winning wood lathe artist who lives on the Big Island.

Syd Vierra

Woodcraft Artistry

Syd is renown for his wood craftsmanship and signature dyed bowls.

Veronique Loggins

Fabric Artist

Veronique is creating one-of-a-kind custom clothing pieces from materials new and old.

Beverly Warns

Infrared Photography

Beverly uses Infrared Photography to capture spectacular contrasts in Hawaii's nature.

Wesley Buscher

Woodcraft Artistry

Wesley is a local favorite, making bowls, platters and smaller wood items too.

Sunee Campbell


Sunee is a local favorite. Her baskets are incredible artworks.

Scott Hare

Woodcraft Artistry

Scott's work is an impressive variety of carved calabashes, full relief murals, tikis, sculptures and more.

Kani of Hawaii


Sandy is a very popular Hawaiian potter from Kona who works as “Kani of Hawaii”.

Colleen Kimura ('Tutuvi')

Fabric Artist

Colleen offers intrepid design in fearless color. Her tropical design collection of fabrics, clothing, and home furnishings is inspired by the plants, sea life, and local cultures.

Ted Dailey

Hawaii Jewelry Designs

Ted is an award-winning artist. Each unique, handmade jewelry piece reflects his love for Hawaii.

Miles Mason

Tropical Paintings and Ipu

Miles’ originals are in the hands of collectors all over the world. His striking works have won numerous prizes at juried shows.

Kipuka Kai

Hawaii Wood Earrings

Kipuka Kai creates unique koa wood earrings inspired by native Hawaiian species

Julie Joelle Eliason

Photographer and Painter

Julie captures the design of nature so that the viewer can gain an appreciation for the beauty and fragility of the natural environment.

Terry Bensch


Terry is an award-winning artist with a focus on landscapes, flora and fauna.

Diane Renchler


Diane's artistic style came out of years of painting plein air watercolors.

Megan Collins


Megan is inspired by the tropical splendor and colors of Hawaii.

David Frederick

Glass Artist

David has been a glass blower for over 20 years; pulling inspiration from the waters of his childhood in Hawaii.

Peter Jefferson

Hawaiian Colorist

Peter is a colorist with an impressionist style. “I use color and light to create drama in all my work.”

Cindy Luna

EDM Wire Artist and Reed Baskets

Cindy is a Waipio Valley Hawaiian artist in residence. She is world famous for weaving wire baskets & balls.

Victoria McCormick


Victorie's photographs are displayed around the world. She has been published in National Geographic, WWF, NBC and much more.

Kathleen Carr


Kathleen T. Carr has been a fine art and professional photographer for over fifty years.

Julie Barreta


Julie paints plein air in water color and mixed media, often of seascapes and beach scenes.

Ilze Sims


Ilze's vibrant work is a reflection of her love for the local cultures and the beauty within Hawaii.

Pat Pearlman

Hawaii Jewelry Designs

Pat has been designing jewelry for 5 decades. Her works convey nature’s images.

Roy Tsumoto

Woodcraft Artistry

Roy has been making beautiful jewelry boxes and desk accessories for over 35 years.

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