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Julie Joelle Eliason

Photographer and Painter

Julie started her photography career as the family shutterbug after receiving her first camera for her eighth birthday. Over the years, she photographed family and friends at every opportunity, eventually expanding her focus to landscapes, wildlife, travel, and fine art images.  She was very fortunate that her career as a marine biologist and wildlife biologist allowed her to photograph wildlife and natural environments in many unique and isolated areas.

Over the years, she furthered her photography knowledge by enrolling in numerous photography classes and workshops, studying under many masters.  She experienced a great of deal of joy every time she went out to shoot photographs, which led her to start a part-time photography business in California. There she exhibited her work in galleries, had entries in several juried photography exhibits, and had several photographs published in books and magazines.

After a career of preserving and protecting endangered wildlife species and fragile ecosystems on the mainland, she moved to Hawaii in 2009.  It was then that she decided to lay aside her biologist hat to pursue her passion of photography full-time.  This has been an exciting life change for her, as she was now able to devote all of her time to documenting moments in time with her camera. 

Her landscape, nature, and fine art images are currently on display in several Hawaiian galleries. She tries to capture the emotions that the Hawaiian scenery evokes in her, and use a palette of colors and textures to interpret the images.  She often incorporate a painterly style in her images such that the outcome is more like a painting rather than a photograph.  Julie tries to capture the design of nature and display it to viewers so that they gain an appreciation for the beauty and fragility of the natural environment.

Julie Joelle Eliason
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