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Kani of Hawaii


Sandra Holmes (which is "Kani" in Hawaiian) has been working in ceramics for almost 3 decades. She grew up in Los Angeles, always knowing she would become an artist.  She moved to Hawaii in her 20's and says “Hawaii has brought me much joy and happiness.”


Her studio is located in Kailua-Kona and her work centers around popular Hawaiian motifs, which are incorporated in lovingly handcrafted pieces of many descriptions and sizes. She uses natural plants and flowers in her work, along with other textures such as seashells, woven mats and bark. All pieces are airbrushed and painted by hand in bright and rich colors.


Kani strives to keep her works affordable so that it is easy to purchase and fun to give. All materials are laboratory tested to guarantee that they are safe for use with food.

Kani of Hawaii
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