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Packaging & Shipping

We are really good at packaging art so you can get it home safe and sound.  We can package it for you to carry home or for shipping. In most cases, packaging for you to carry is done at no charge. For very large or unusually shaped pieces, there may be a small fee to cover our material and labor costs, typically in the range of $25-50.  Just ask us!

With paintings, photography, and prints, we can pack it flat, framed or unframed, or in most cases we can remove any mat or frame and roll it into a shipping tube designed for this exact purpose. In almost every case using a shipping tube will be safer - and the cost of shipping will be much less.


We can generally ship your treasures to the mainland for about $35-$50. Larger items and unusually shaped items are more expensive, typically in the $ 75- $150 range.  We also ship internationally. International shipping can cost more so ask us for a quote.


For gifts, we can remove all price tags and receipts and we have cards that you can include to provide a personalized message.

So find your treasure and we will help you get it home!
Paper Packaging
“I love that painting! But how the heck do I get it home?”

Many of our customers are visitors from all over the world and so, not surprisingly, we get this question a lot.  No worries, we have the answer!
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