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Scott Hare

Woodcraft Artistry

Scott Hare moved to the Big Island of Hawaiʻi from Florida in 1979. Though he graduated from the University of Florida with a degree in political science, he was always drawn to the arts, and began to carve. He experimented with bones and ivory before he found the perfect medium, wood. After twenty-five years, Scott he has an abundance of knowledge about and experience with countless varieties of wood, especially the woods of Hawaiʻi. He has been involved in harvesting, cutting and planting trees in the islands, and especially likes to make use of wood that would otherwise be left to rot.

His portfolio is rich with a variety of impressive projects, including carved calabashes, full relief murals and headboards, ornate frames and doors, miniature and full-sized tikis, as well as an impressive display of sculptures, which include whales and dolphins, Polynesia faces, and highly detailed birds and flowers.

Scott Hare
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